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well i've had it like this for like..two weeks, i like it alot better than the blonde

i guess there's a bit of theme in this one as well...

uh.. made this one my icon as you can see.


um so..yea new hair.. tada


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how do you get your hair so awesomely spiked?
i just use a tiny bit of gel, but my hair kinda naturally wants to go up at that length so yea...
cuuute D:
Oh miss bunnny you have gotten so punk rock since I saw you last!!
punk rock? lol i didn't know... lol. that purple shirt right there, is a pokemon "team rocket shirt" i wore it to school today lol one of my favorites
..the black hair is what I meant. Wow pokemon rocks, though...
i like the last one because you look like one of those runaway punk rockers from the 70's.
So hawt. Your hair is uber-cute.
why are you so hot??? it's not cool