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- What's yo name, foo?
- Where you be livin' at? [country, state, county, etc]
Virginia, reppin' the 703
- How old you be?
- What's the sexuality you identify with?
Dos-sexual (or bi)
- What's the gender you identify most with?
- What's some of your favorite movies? [at the most 8]
-Girl, Interrupted
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Interview with the Vampire
-The Crow
-Phantom of the Opera
-Muppet Treasure Island
-Rent tied with A Little Princess
- What's some of your favorite bands/musicians? [at the most 8]
-Ani DiFranco
-Tori Amos
-Carbon Leaf
-The Cure
-Black Sabbath
-Kelly Clarkson
-Pink Floyd
- Top three political/social issues more people should adress.
-The AIDS/HIV pandemic
-Equal rights of homosexuals in the eyes of the government
- Just anything random about yourself, just anything... ANYTHING!
This one time, I found five dollars
- Yes, some pictures. 3 please? We like to know what you look like too.

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Welcome...again! lol

Hmm, maybe there should be an Israel-Palestine convo/dialogue thing in here, since other people in here are interested in the topic.
Why thank you!

Yeah, that would be supercool to have an Israel-Palestine thingy, I think. It's definately a big issue with me because my mom converted to Orthodox Judiasim and I've been getting a lot of that perspective. It's such a confusing situation. I'm actually going to Israel for a year or two after I graduate to learn more about all the issues and complications.