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- What's yo name, foo? --> Robert, G-Rob, autodafe
- Where you be livin' at? --> funfax!
- How old you be? --> 17, bitches.
- What's the sexuality you identify with? --> asexual fag (read: collin from Friendly Hostility, for any of you webcomic connesiours out there)
- What's the gender you identify most with? --> man.
- What's some of your favorite movies? [at the most 8]
--> Rules of Attraction
--> Heavy Metal
--> Kill Bills
--> The Neverending Story!!!
--> Yellow Submarine
--> Phantom of the Opera. :O
- What's some of your favorite bands/musicians? [at the most 8]
--> The Mars Volta
--> Minus the Bear
--> Morningwood
--> The Birthday Massacre
--> Guster
--> Madonna
--> Ladytron
--> Garbage
- Top three political/social issues more people should adress.
1. Israel/Pakistan. wtf.
2. USA monopolizing the world.
3. Race doesn't really exist - we are all one race, human. "race" in the sense of denomination of humans is a lie, if you really want to call it something, we're all just different breeds of humans.
- Just anything random about yourself, just anything... ANYTHING! --> I try to write a novel every three months.
- Yes, some pictures. 3 please? We like to know what you look like too.


me and the lovely zyxqxyz...

this would be a goofy face. ^

me and kylestreet. doing what we do. all the time. soul calibration. 3.

< 3

oh, ps. now my hair is pink and purple. when i get time ill post some pics of that. :D
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