god will get them (betamaxx) wrote in dykesquad,
god will get them

This Who I Be

- What's yo name, foo? --> Ari
- Where you be livin' at? --> right next to Downtown LA
- How old you be? --> 21
- What's the sexuality you identify with? --> queer
- What's the gender you identify most with? --> I don't believe in the concept of gender.
- What's some of your favorite movies? [at the most 8]
--> Juliette of the Spirits
--> Metropolis
--> Me You And Everyone We Know (view all of Miranda July's materials)
--> Palindromes
--> Alexander Nevsky
--> Female Trouble
- What's some of your favorite bands/musicians? [at the most 8]
--> CocoRosie
--> XiuXiu
--> Frog Eyes
--> Sleater-Kinney
--> Klaus Nomi
--> Mira
--> The Need (is dead)
--> Cambodian Rocks!
- Top three political/social issues more people should address.
1. Renewable energy
2. Conservation
3. Globalization
- Just anything random about yourself, just anything... ANYTHING! --> Even though I am equally disgusted by it, I do love the McGriddle.
- Yes, some pictures. 3 please? We like to know what you look like too.
I don't feel like cutting and pasting code for images, but that cartoon images that is my icon is actually fairly accurate to how I look. For further images you can address myspace at myspace.com/ariohno.
If you care to see some video pieces that I have created you can check out videodeath.com. I recommend right clicking to download the video.
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