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hey kids. I kind of feel like doing this again.

Le Info:
- What's yo name, foo? Rebecca.
.- Where you be livin' at? [country, state, county, etc] USA, VA, Fairfax County, Centreville.
- How old you be?seventeen.
- What's the sexuality you identify with? the love kind.
- What's the gender you identify most with? female on the outside, male on the inside.
- What's some of your favorite movies? [at the most 8]1.Blue Velvet
2.SLC Punk
3.Fight Club
5.American History X
6. Dark Crystal
8.Donnie Darko, as overplayed as it has become.

- What's some of your favorite bands/musicians? [at the most 8]1.Nine Inch Nails
2.Skinny Puppy
3.Duncan Sheik
5.Infected Mushroom
7.Girls Under Glass
8.Mindless Self Indulgence

- Top three political/social issues more people should adress. the typical thing to say would be Bush, abortion, and gay marriage, right? but the question says issues MORE people should address, and I think everyone capable of addressing those is doing so already. So, I'm going to say, the comparison of risks between marijuana and alcohol, education for minorities improving in the early stages[because, I know, at least at my school, a lot of minorities went to shitty elementary schools like London Towne and now they're in the regular LD classes and shit where the teachers, rather than teach, give out word finds and dumb projects just so they can pass...and no one really learns anything, all the while being treated like they're stupid by the teachers], and lastly, the age which one becomes an adult. I think there should be a test to pass to become one rather than an age, because I know people much younger than 18 just as capable as any adult but in awful situations they can't get out of since they're underage, and also people over 18 completely undeserving of being given the privileges of adulthood.
- Just anything random about yourself, just anything... ANYTHING!I can lick my elbow.
- Yes, some pictures. 3 please? We like to know what you look like too.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
courtney love.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I'm also a huge nerd with a dirty mirror.
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welcome to the community! so nice to meet you!


just kidding, I know you. I love your issues by the way, especially the last two. & that last picture of you is quite the shit.
Imagine that! You're still awesome!